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Eavesdropping Detection

Technical Counter-Surveillance Surveys, also known as Electronic Countermeasures or Eavesdropping Detection consists of a professional search of sensitive areas in your workplace looking for listening or transmitting devices placed by competitors, private investigators, litigants or disgruntled current or former employees.  This search, using state-of-the-art electronic equipment, is conducted by retired government agents who have been trained by the US Government to install these devices in target areas (residences, offices, vehicles, etc.)  

These agents were also trained to search for listening and transmitting devices in government facilities and since they are expert in hiding these devices, they know where to look.

In addition to utilizing their sophisticated equipment, an important and time-consuming part of the "sweep" is a physical search of sensitive areas, Executive Offices, Board Room etc.  This includes the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture and fixtures.

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We are only one of a handful of companies in the country, and the only one in this region of the country, who use professionals who have the training and experience of actually installing transmitting and listening devices.