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Specializing in services to law firms, corporations and businesses of all sizes.

As an FBI Agent, Jim Sniegocki, President of Capital Intelligence Corp., specialized in the investigation of white collar crime, particularly financial crimes, internal fraud, embezzlement, investment and bankruptcy fraud. He served in Texas, California, New York City, St. Louis and Louisville.

Upon retirement, he founded Capital Intelligence Corporation, an investigative and security consulting firm in Louisville, KY. His investigations for law firms and businesses include internal theft and fraud, due diligence, witness location and interviews and litigation support. When help is needed, he utilizes the services of other former FBI Agents in the state of Kentucky and around the country.

As a security consultant, he has conducted physical security reviews for law firms and businesses, making common sense recommendations for the safety of employees and protection of confidential information and business property.

  • Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Security Consulting

Professional Services by Former FBI Agents