Capital Intelligence Corp.

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Specializing in services for law firms, corporations and businesses of all sizes.


As an FBI Agent, Jim Sniegocki, President of Capital Intelligence Corp., specialized in the investigation of white collar crime, particularly financial crimes, internal fraud, embezzlement, investment and bankruptcy fraud. He served in Texas, California, New York City, St. Louis and Louisville.


Upon retirement, he founded Capital Intelligence Corp., a Security Consulting and Investigative firm in Louisville, KY. The firm specializes in the following services:


          -  Physical Security Reviews, primarily for law firms and other professional offices.  Jim has conducted these reviews in Atlanta, New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco and in the state of Kentucky.


          -  Eavesdropping Detection Services (also known as Technical Counter-Surveillance Surveys), using retired US Government Professionals who were trained to install listening and transmitting devices in offices, residences, vehicles, etc.


          -  Financial Investigations,including various types of internal and external fraud; also review and analysis of financial records and locating assets in bankruptcy, divorce and other types of civil cases.


          -  Due Diligence Investigations, for companies who deal with high net worth clients and need to verify their background; also verifying the background of borrowers of large commercial loans as well as officers in companies which are being merged or acquired.


Professional Services by Former FBI Agents